Are you plagued with indecision on where to live? Can you see both sides of the coin? We understand. Trudge the road to your happy destiny a little less with this handy quiz. You're welcome.

Part One: Lifestyle Preferences

Answer each option as honestly as possible.

"In the last year, I have...

..eaten tofu, seitan, tempeh (alone or in conjunction) on purpose."

True False

..have jaywalked or crossed against a traffic light."

True False

..have been to and/or fought someone at a sample sale."

True False

..have had my aura read or know someone who has."

True False

..taken public transportation."

True False

Temperament Barometer

When you say "Lets hang out!" What you're really meaning is:

When on your last day of vacation, you think:

You're going to a formal event. You wear:

Your stance on tent camping:

Four distinct seasons: